We will continue to do what we do because of the silenced voices of Susan Murphy-Milano and Crystal Judson [Brame].  


A program developed that gives each Officer the opportunity to rest, relax, and recognize the moments in life that cause stress developing into PTSD.  It's often not the incidences themselves, but how we deal or don't deal with what we've seen.  Who needs therapy when you have a safe PORT? 

WIN Hellas International 

Post Traumatic Stress & the Law Enforcement Officer
safety in a leo home - improving family life, through 
knowledge and  understanding!          

LEO wellness


  1. Share Parenting Stories and Tips
  2. Simple Steps to Healthy Family
  3. Families: Family Fitness
  4. Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?

Our International NGO focused on Elevating and Empowering those silenced by misuse. 


Voices Amplified

LEO PTSD Supporting Partners

Legacy of Susan Murphy-Milano 

Ready to Raise the Volume on Voices Silenced.  .


Higher Ascent